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The Pearson & Associates Real Estate Team has been awarded Realtypath's Top Team 2019 - 2022; with over 175 homes sold, and more than $100,000,000 in closed real estate sales, annually.

Realtypath is Utah's second largest brokerage, and in the Top 100 Real Estate Brokerages in the Nation.

Our team is also Homelight's™ #1 ranked team in Utah.

We have created a marketing system that is so effective, it cannot be duplicated by an individual agent (or most teams).

Our team is comprised of full-time specialists, who focus on the fundamentals of our systems every day, to ensure our clients receive the results they expect.

Utah native, Micah Pearson, was born and raised in the Cottonwood Heights area. He spent his summer weekends fishing every lake and river in the state, and was a ski instructor at Brighton in the winter. He appreciates t... Read More
Phone: 801-446-8217801-446-8217
Cassie's real estate career started with an internship in the marketing department of a national real estate company. From there, she moved to one-on-one assisting with Realtors and their real estate transactions, and co... Read More
Phone: 801-446-8217801-446-8217
Harm is a Utah "lifer"... born and raised in this beautiful state. Growing up with a family of real estate agents and land developers, she decided to "drink the Kool-Aid," and obtained her real estate license in 2007. He... Read More
Phone: 801-446-8217801-446-8217
Analei's career has spanned 25 years in sales and marketing with 16 years in property management. Analei has a natural likeability that has been key to her success in sales and public relations and she is excited to bri... Read More
Phone: 310-303-9003310-303-9003
Nancy understands what it is like to stand in her clients’ shoes. Relocating several times – buying and selling houses of her own, Nancy is sensitive towards her clients’ journey, which she gained through her personal ex... Read More
Phone: 858-617-9449858-617-9449
Rebecka has bought and sold real estate through multiple markets throughout the US, turning a passionate hobby into a career. Now, a nearly empty nest resident of Utah County, she will put her experience and passion to w... Read More
Phone: 636-922-9504636-922-9504
Bruce first obtained his real estate license in 1997. He has been a full-time agent since 2004. He worked as an individual agent until 2015 which is when he joined Pearson and Associates Real Estate. In his previous life... Read More
Phone: 801-898-9820801-898-9820
Klayton believes that anyone, regardless of age or wealth, can get started investing in real estate and is passionate about coaching his clients every step of the way. He got started in real estate investing when he and ... Read More
Phone: 801-616-7939801-616-7939
Jessica’s real estate passion started at the age of twenty-four with the purchase of her first home is California. Since then, she has owned and flipped multiple homes from California to Utah. While maintaining her inco... Read More
Phone: 916-342-4202916-342-4202
Nara Allgaier is a married mother of 2 who lives in the beautiful community of Daybreak in Utah. She and her family moved here from Washington state 7 years ago, and feels that there's no other place to live. Her passion... Read More
Phone: 801-708-9907801-708-9907
Macayla was born and raised in Utah and appreciates all the beauty Utah has to offer. She loves to spend time hiking and camping in the mountains with her family and her dogs. She has a passion for real estate and especi... Read More
Phone: 801-510-2204801-510-2204
Angela was driven to make a career in Real Estate, on top of her many business ventures in Utah. Thriving to provide for her family, helping people, and passion for interior design and real estate, she dove right in. H... Read More
Phone: 801-709-9116801-709-9116
Daniel originated from humble beginnings in California and Arizona, before moving to the beautiful state of Utah. He is now a dedicated father of two, with a passion for culture, music, and sports. Daniel knows buying a ... Read More
Phone: 801-430-8829801-430-8829
Monique Forry moved to Utah 7 years ago from California. Her mother was an investor and dad was a builder, which grew her interest in real estate. After getting licensed in Utah three years ago as a full-service real est... Read More
Phone: 385-450-2420385-450-2420
Braxton is originally from Houston, Texas and moved to Utah to attend Utah Valley University. Braxton has deep family roots, spanning all across the beautiful state of Utah, where he spent his summers growing up. Thro... Read More
Phone: 832-373-9231832-373-9231
Nela has lived in Utah since 1996. She graduated from Westminster in 2007, and has worked in the real estate industry for 15 years. She is fluent in English and Serb-Croatian (Bosnian) languages. Nela will be happy to se... Read More
Phone: 801-386-2025801-386-2025
Ivan Mejia is a highly motivated Real Estate Agent, with over 14 years of experience guiding both buyers and sellers with their home needs. He is dedicated to providing a great client experience by working hard, listenin... Read More
Phone: 713-298-8129713-298-8129
Sandee Miller is a Utah Native. She was born and raised on a dairy farm in northern Utah. After graduating from Utah State, she moved to Salt Lake County in 2003, and was married. She then began to work in the fitness in... Read More
Phone: 801-842-1882801-842-1882
Born and raised in Utah (Davis County), Brittany is no stranger to all that Utah has to offer--not to mention the constant growth and evolution of her surroundings. She has been armed with a forever passion for people, a... Read More
Phone: 801-755-7442801-755-7442

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