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Nancy understands what it is like to stand in her clients’ shoes. Relocating several times – buying and selling houses of her own, Nancy is sensitive towards her clients’ journey, which she gained through her personal experience. Before getting her real estate license in 2011, Nancy worked in TV media research and promotion for 15 years. After work and on the weekends, Nancy remodeled her own homes. Learning every aspect of building and construction as an “owner- builder”, she also had two young children running around her home / construction zone. In 2009, Nancy decided to leave the TV industry to become an investor / property manager. She bought MAJOR fixers, rehabbed the properties, and turned them into rentals. Besides her Realtor duties, she manages four personal rental properties, one which is a short - term vacation rental. When Nancy isn’t working, she is spending time with her family at the baseball fields, volunteering at her kids' schools, relaxing at a pool, beach or traveling somewhere... Nancy offers exceptional communication, negotiation, transaction management skills, honesty, and integrity with every deal. Many of her clients say she is “very knowledgeable, professional, & attentive,” and “her efforts were timely, efficient, and professional”. She loves her work and enjoys the fantastic people she meets every day – many of whom become her friends.
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